In the Studio

Appalachian Arts Studio Gallery is a 2000 square foot open air gallery.The space lends itself to the fact that it was once a tool and die factory. It also doubles as a auxilary space for large groups during day long workshops. The relaxed atmosphere of the gallery encourages creative inspiration for all who enter.

Mudslide Pottery Eight Shimpo wheels adorn the potter studio, large slab roller, clay extruder, Pug mill, Bailey electric kiln and an Aim high temperature gas kiln, large selection of glazing materials and clay bodies.

Old Pine Press: 30 x 40 fuch and lang lithographic press, large selection of lithographic stones, ranging from 4x 5 to 18 x 20. Vandercook proofing press for relief printing. Materials for grinding and processing stone lithography, aluminum plate lithography, relief printing and mono printing.

Sculpture Studio: Facility dedicated to the art of chainsaw carving and wood sculpture. Large selection of saws and materials including logs to produce projects of any size and scope.

Painting studio: Features spray art and tradiional painting studio. Fully equipped with large comfortable easels. Proper lighting and space to paint comfortabley.